About Married Name Change

Married Name Change is a division of Easy Name Change, serving the needs of all name changers around the world since 2008. Where Easy Name Change also services divorce and legal name change, this is our first site dedicated to brides. No matter if you need media commentary just for marriage name change, or for all reasons of name change, please contact our parent company, Easy Name Change.


The Annual Name Change Survey

Going back to 2010, the Annual Name Change survey explores who is changing names and why. We can provide data and explain trends in marriage, divorce and legal name changes.


For all Media enquiries, please contact...

Genevieve Dennis, Founder & President, Easy Name Change

Tel: (305) 459-3124    |    E: gen -at-

Visit Easy Name Change Media page

Note: Genevieve frequently travels and phone calls are often unanswered. Emailing is recommended.

Customers: This number is for media enquiries only. Customers must contact Easy Name Change by email or via the contact us page.


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