Marriage Name Change for Non-Citizens

If you were married in the USA you can order your marriage certificate from the local clerk of court where you were married. All US organizations accept this as proof of your new name and will update all your records regardless of your immigrant status. This same process applies to all newly wed brides in American regardless if they have a US or foreign passport. 

Green card holders should complete form I-90 ‘Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card’. There is a substantial fee for filing this form (around $450). While you may still travel on a passport that is in a different name, or continue to have your green card in your prior name, it is recommended you have your marriage certificate when travelling should you encounter problems in proving your identity.

You should contact your embassy or high commission to learn more about changing names in your passport. Some countries allow you to update your passport while abroad. Not every foreign country accepts US marriage certificates as evidence of name change, so you may be required to go through that country's legal name change process. Once you have updated your foreign passport you may then contact any other companies from your country of citizenship. Present them your passport and US marriage certificate as proof of name change for your accounts to be updated.

Image Credit: By kaybee07 [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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